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Natural remedies can be simply defined as the way of treating health ailments using any technique other than the mainstream i.e. allopath – modern medicinal science. It does not fall under the category of conventional medicinal system. Before modern drugs existed, the mankind used to utilize different methods to tackle stubborn and acute health problems including their signs and symptoms. Other than chemicals and synthetic derivatives, natural medicine uses herbs, flowers, earth, soil, magnet, water etc. to alleviate health problems.


Therapies and treatments under natural medicine


Natural remedy is basically an umbrella term that includes a lot of other therapies and treatments. Most famous among all include – Ayurveda (ancient Indian healing system) and Herbalism. Chinese medicine, naturopathy (using natural elements to cure diseases), Massages (application of natural/herbal solution onto the body and rub it in a particular way), Aromatherapy (using flower extracts), Magnet therapy (using magnets), Color therapy (using different color shades), Home remedies (using kitchen and garden ingredients), Hydrotherapy (using water), and Mud therapy (using mud and soils) etc. are also very popular.


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Many health care providers include holistic exercises as natural remedy such as yoga, meditation and Pranayama since they all do not use any synthetic product or ingredient. Natural medicine has its own importance and surprisingly, there number of people undergoing alternative remedies one or the other way are much more than patients on modern medicines and treatments!


Natural remedy benefits and advantages


Natural remedy treatment generally uses natural medicine to heal health ailments. That is why, it is also called as complementary medicine. Even today, a large number of natural health care providers use traditional remedies to treat different kinds of health diseases. There are some advantages of natural medicine treatment over modern medicines such as…


* Natural therapy is comparatively cheaper than modern remedies and treatments

* Complementary therapy or treatment is easily available (as home remedies or kitchen remedies)

* Unlike allopathic remedies, natural and traditional medicines using herbs, vegetables and fruits are free from any unwanted, undesired side effects.

* Natural remedy generally does not produce any reaction unless intake of such medicine (the dosage) is not followed as per advice.



There are some other benefits that come with natural remedies for health ailments cure such as…


* Complementary treatment or natural remedy is less likely to affect other bodily systems and hence is comparatively safe.

* Natural remedies, being general daily health supplements, not only help in curing the main disease but also soothe other body systems.

* Holistic remedies help in rejuvenating and revitalizing the human health.

* Rather than working precisely on signs and symptoms, natural natural herbal remedies treat the root-cause. Thus, helps in terminating health ailment permanently.


Natural remedies have a huge demand across the globe due to its word-of-mouth spread. Special treatments such as Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Thai Massage, Chinese Traditional therapies, Acupressure/acupuncture etc have been few of the most sought after treatment ways due to increasing hazards of modern medicines.


Natural remedies Precautions


Nevertheless, natural remedies or complementary therapies should be adopted under qualified natural physician and their efficacy about treating the diseases as first line treatment is to be evaluated before implementation.

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