Ashwagandha – Herbal Remedy for Stress

Stress is the biggest threat to human problem now days. But can do you actually know are you really suffering from stress and depression. Stress is of many types and is related to may types of things like happiness, sadness, allergies, physical stress and even emotional stress which lots of people are suffering from without even knowing.

Stress has no particular definition. Any thing that causes change in your life and worries you is stress. Stress is a very general term that can be caused by anything that disturbs your normal routine and life style. Even the things you imagine are also a big cause of stress.

· Emotional stress – this can be related to any thing that is very personal to you or related to your loved ones

· Illness – it is the bodily or the physical thing that burdens your brain and stresses you up. · Over work – it is the major cause of stress now days due to stiff competition. Long working hours. Over doing to your body and brain is extremely harmful to your psyche and causes a great deal of stress.

· Surroundings – changing climate is also a reason for stress. Shifting to new place may also be stressful and pollution may also be a contributing factor for stress.

· Tobacco use- it is also seen that people who generally consume tobacco in any form may be very much a cause of causing stress.

· Hormonal factors – these factors are the major contribution in stress generation in a person. These are still of many types:-

(a) Puberty- the drastic hormonal imbalance occur in this age. The external as well internal changes occur in the body, hence there are lots of disturbances occurring in the body and the person bearing these changes is highly stressful.

(b) PMS or the pre menstrual syndrome – these are the symptoms occur before the menstruation occurs in females. Female’s body is highly under the control of hormones. Before the menstruation the level of hormones falls down drastically letting a situation of imbalance in the body. This disturbs her life and burdens and stresses her.

(c) Post partum – the pregnancy is dramatic changes in the female’s body. After the child birth or miscarriage, the level of hormones becomes imbalances and becomes the cause of stress.

(d) Menopause – this still the action that is highly influenced by hormonal variation. It is the condition when the reproductive life of a females ends and the fluctuation in the hormones ceases. This is a very stressful period in the women’s life.

You will be surprised by now to learn how small-small factors contribute to the stress in your life. Yes stress is basically caused by very irrelevant actors that you have never thought of. As no one in this world is perfect except the nature hence nature has given the cure for the problem of stress intruding in your life disturbing your life cycle. This cure is known as ashwagandha. You must have heard about it. It is a miraculous herb that is has such a diversity of use and act as a friend to human body. Ashwagandha more famous as Indian ginseng world wide has been widely used in ayurvedic system of medicine and has multiple applications due to presence of an alkaloid and withanoloids. Ashwagandha also possess a chemical known as ginsenoside that gives it the property of being an aphrodisiac. Ashwagandha is one of the most recommended body stimulation that helps in expelling out the weakness from the body inducing tinge of freshness and livelihood in every cell of our body. Latest researches have shown the wonderful effect of ashwagandha in reducing the stress levels drastically in the body. It works as the brain and nervine tonic or adpatogen that counters stress and promotes well being in the body. Ashwagandha is used in relieving from stress, mental ailments, convulsions, seizures, panic attacks, mood fluctuations, lowered memory power, mental retard ness, depression, phobias, schizophrenia, psychosis, epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety and alcoholic paranoia.

Besides these ashwagandha finds its application in certain other disorders like.

(a) Body pains

(b) Arthritis

(c) Back pane

(d) Lumbago

(e) Paralysis

(f) Fatigue

(g) Swellings and edema

(h) Sleep disorders

(i) Decreased immunity

(j) Sexual debility

(k) Recovering from prolonged illness

(l) Eyes related ailments

(m) Anemia and blood disorders.

(n) Hormonal imbalances

By: Dr John Anne

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