Alternative Chinese Medicine – Herbal and Natural Remedies

Chinese medicine is an alternative when doctor visits and procedures have not helped. Chinese medicine dates back to the third century, so there must be something about it that people like. This form of medicine is based on a theory that illness is a result of improper flow of life force, also known as “Qi,” through the body.

This life force provides a sense of balance between the yin and yang, widely known as being opposite to one another. This balance means that inside the body there is heat and cold, external and internal and deficiency and excess. The two extremes are brought together to create equilibrium.

Acupuncture is popular mostly in the Western world, and a license or degree is not required to practice this method of alternative Chinese medicine. There are, however, some specialists or therapists with licenses who do practice it. This procedure stimulates points on the body, usually with the use of needles that are very fine, hitting underlying tissues beneath the skin. At times, more stimulation occurs when the needle is warmed, or with the use of a low-voltage electrical current. Acupuncture is said to release chemical messengers that are in the brain.

Herbs also are a popular use of alternative Chinese medicine. The herbal mixtures can contain portions of minerals and animals. Herbal medicine usually uses the herb in its whole form, but is also available as extracts, tinctures, infusions, decoctions, pills and powders. It is smart to consult with a doctor before starting any alternative program.

By: JP Richardson

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