Traditional Chinese Medicine For Eczema

According to conventional medicine, there is no cure for eczema. However, many Chinese believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help heal eczema. This article provides a basic understanding about what TCM for eczema really is.

TCM philosophies have been in existence for 2,500 years and are continually developing as it merges with today’s modern science. Chinese and western sciences diagnose and treat certain conditions like eczema very differently. TCM focuses on the environmental and psycho-emotional factors that can affect and may even be the root cause of eczema while western science focuses on bodily dysfunctions and how it can treat the certain part of the body.

TCM say that there are three main factors that cause eczema- moisture, heat and wind. It also believes that outside or environmental influences can cause certain illnesses and diseases. Climate, for instance, can bring about adverse reactions of one’s body. Internal or emotional influences are also deemed as players in one’s heath. As an example, stress or grief is believed to cause physical dysfunctions. TCM also perceives that diet is a great factor in determining the health of a person. Diet should always be balance and the wrong types of food intake can be a cause of a particular disease.

In general, there are three types of TCM can be recommended for eczema, one of which is acupuncture. Acupuncture is no longer a new concept but not a lot of people know that it can actually treat eczema. The procedure involves needles to trigger particular body zones to help alleviate its symptoms. TCM believes that eczema is caused by the malfunction of the body’s regular soothing and cooling systems, as a result skin becomes over dry, flaky, itchy and red. Acupuncture’s main objective is to cool and soothe the body tissues to treat the symptoms of eczema and to possibly prevent future flare-ups.

Herbal medicine is also one way of administering Chinese medicinal philosophies. Chinese medicines are a combination of herbal plants that are found to help relieve eczema. Most Chinese drugs aims to cure the internal organs in order to strengthen their ability to prevent diseases and to cure the illness itself. TCM oftentimes come in form of herbal teas but with modern science, you can find Chinese drugs in form of capsules.

Nowadays,TCM also come in the form of lotion, ointments and cream. These skin preparations are applied externally, right over the afflicted skin. They are mass-produced in the market; however, be sure to check up their ingredients and ensure that you are getting a good quality product.

TCM is one alternative treatment for eczema. Is it really effective? No one knows for sure. For one, it is hard to conclude so as TCM takes time for its benefits on eczema skin to show. More research studies will have to be conducted. If you want to try TCM for eczema, be sure to seek the help of a TCM practitioner who is highly qualified and who comes recommended.

By: Evelyn Lim

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