Natural Remedies For Pimples – Do They Really Work?

If you have done any research on natural remedies for pimples you will find a lot of conflicting information. Doctors will tell you to take this pill or try this ointment. If you have tried these options with no success you are not alone.


Struggling with acne can be a painful process. Embarrassment and shame are not uncommon. The saddest part is that the medical community is not much help. People without health problems are not profitable customers.


There is a simple solution to your acne problem. It does take work on your part but the rewards are well worth the effort. While there are many contributing factors, the first and biggest factor is the easiest to control. What factor is that?


Diet can cause allergic reactions and hormonal imbalances that make your skin react violently. Consuming all forms of refined carbohydrates (white sugar, white flour, white rice) causes your body’s blood sugar levels to spike. To counter this, your body produces insulin and other hormones. These hormones, in turn, encourage the production of oils which promote the growth of the p.acne bacteria.


Another food, surprisingly, is milk! Pasteurized, homogenized milk is packed with hormones and saturated fats. It is also one of the hardest foods for our bodies to break down. Many people are allergic, some more severely than others. Often allergies manifest in the form skin agitation, and even acne.


Natural remedies for pimples start with a balanced diet rich in vegetables and leafy greens. This, in conjunction with cutting dairy and refined carbohydrates, can make a huge difference almost immediately.


A complete diet change can be a big commitment but a life with clear skin is an even bigger reward.


By: Kris Schmit

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